To revolutionize the premedical journey by providing comprehensive, personalized assistance for premedical students to achieve their dreams one step at a time. 

                              OUR values


                                              MOTIVATION   ●   EFFICACY   ●   DIRECTION   

    what we'll achieve together

  • Direct you to synthesize an effective plan of action for success
  • Identify & eliminate weaknesses in your application early on
  • Empower you with knowledge & effective resources to facilitate your success in the medical school application process
  • Build your confidence in successfully applying to medical school
  • Help you actualize your full potential & become a highly competitive applicant
  • Increase your odds of getting accepted to medical school

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If there is anything that I’ve learned during my journey, it is that to reach success, you must take action. We simply cannot wait around for opportunities to come to us. We must actively seek them out. This is especially crucial within the competitive nature of medical school.
— Panta Babelmorad, Founder of PreMed Advisor