Canadian Citizen: University Application Package


Canadian Citizen: University Application Package


What we can offer you:

  • Answering any questions related to applying to university
  • Helping you narrow down your program choices to one's that will showcase your academic and professional skills the best
  • Ensuring that you have fulfilled the prerequisite and grade requirements for each program that you are applying to
  • Providing you with essential resources including:
  •  Program maps
  • Tuition and residence costs
  • Campus visit/tour schedules
  • Assistance with completing and submitting university applications before deadlines
  • Helping you navigate and understand the application cycle
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This package includes a combined total of 100 minutes of service for up to (3) university applications. Please be advised that not all minutes need be used at once. Minutes are measured by the amount of time it takes for us to meet your personalized needs. This could include doing in-depth research on your behalf, compiling helpful resources, and creating customized guidelines/plans. You will be updated with the number of minutes you have remaining at each point of contact.