Let's start planning for medical school admissions together.


One of the first things admissions committee’s look for in an applicant is a competitive GPA.

Your first year of university must be focused on building & sustaining strong study habits. Medical schools also select for well-rounded individuals with diverse experiences.

We will work together to immediately set you on the right path & help you develop your academic & professional skills early on to set you apart from the crowd early on.


Your second year of university should be focused on sustaining a high academic standing, looking for research and clinical opportunities, and continuing to build your leadership experience.

We also highly recommend that students take their MCAT exam during the summer after second year.

Together we can ensure that you are on the right path, while also building essential skills like networking to secure unique clinical & research opportunities that will make your application stand out. 


If you are planning on going to medical school directly after you graduate, this is by far the most important year for strategic preparation and proactive action steps so that you are ready to apply at the end of your 3rd year / beginning of 4th year.

Frankly, the list is endless and we simply cannot summarize it in a few short points. 

Please click below to learn how we can ensure that you have fulfilled all necessary requirements & are ready to submit your medical school application when the cycle opens. 


If you are applying to medical school at the beginning of fourth year, you can find our application specific services here. 

However, if you're considering a gap year before medical school, wish to apply for a graduate program, or are simply seeking guidance, we are here to help.

Find out how we can help you take the correct action steps so that you  make it to your ultimate goal of becoming a physician. 

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