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About the creator of PreMed Advisor, Panta Babelmorad

Commonly when children are asked the notorious question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” they come up with elaborate, short-lived responses that are contingent on their interests at the time. However, since childhood, Panta’s answer has always remained the same: “I would like to become a doctor.” 

Her journey to medicine began at the young age of four when she learned that she belonged to a minor subset of the population that suffered from a speech impediment. As a young girl who understood very little about her condition, but was confronted with it daily, her self-esteem quickly plummeted. 

Seeking answers, she confided in science and developed an ever-increasing fascination for the intricate workings of human physiology and its self-healing mechanisms. Ultimately, Panta’s desire to apprehend her own condition combined with her hard-earned humility and compassion for others, ignited her passion to pursue a fulfilling career in medicine.

Panta has spent her life pursuing both excellence and altruism. In 2013, she enrolled at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), where she pursued an undergraduate degree in Biological Science (Honors). She began her freshman year in a relentless pursuit of excellence and went on to achieve a near perfect GPA by the end of her first year. Through her academic successes, she regained her self-confidence and became devoted to bringing her ambitions into fruition. 

In recent years, her enthusiasm for continuous progression has allowed her to achieve the highest academic honors by dedicating tireless hours towards her studies while pursuing her passions in community development and medicine. In 2015, Panta co-founded the first ever MedLife Chapter at UOIT and through this channel, has dedicated endless hours to organizing fundraisers, leading successful outreach campaigns and educating others about global crises that profoundly impact low-income families worldwide. Panta’s adventurous mind also took her to the clinical setting where devoted her time to volunteering in medical offices, her local hospital and even internationally on a mobile clinic trip to Peru.        

“It wasn’t until my university years that I fully comprehended humanity’s immeasurable capacity for personal growth. If I was able to overcome my greatest obstacle in life to achieve my wildest dreams, then I truly believe anyone can do the same.”

Her passion for educating others led to her to obtain a position as a tutor and later on, as a teaching assistant (TA) for university level biology. In 2016, Panta found herself in the laboratory setting where she conducted novel research at UOIT after receiving a prestigious research award. As a result of her success, she was subsequently offered a position as a research technician in Chemical Ecology to continue her work in the field of science.

Ultimately, her enthusiasm to continuously learn and grow has led her to simultaneously seek novel opportunities in leadership, community service, medicine and research to foster a fulfilled, balanced life. As a result of actualizing her greatest passions, Panta has received many esteemed scholarships and awards for her continuous efforts in academia, leadership, innovation and community outreach. 

“I want to represent a living symbol of joy, humility, inner beauty and perseverance - allowing others to witness the product of strong faith in conjunction with hard work.”

Panta actualized her greatest dream of all when she received admissions offers from every single medical school she interviewed with. Panta intends to utilize her medical profession as a platform to positively impact the lives of many and inspire those around her. She hopes to achieve this not only through her capabilities as a clinician, but also as a strong leader. Panta wishes to use her voice and personal experiences to motivate others to achieve their goals as she continues to attain her own.

As a young innovator and brilliant mind in her field, Panta created PreMed Advisor with the mission of inspiring and uplifting other pre-medical students to help them actualize their dreams. In addition to her own extensive knowledge, she has partnered with upper year medical students who have served on the admissions committee to provide her clients with trusted, expert advice.