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U.S. Citizen


What we offer:

  • A thorough review of your credentials to assess your competitiveness and identify weaknesses in your application
  • Realistic action steps to direct you towards your goals
  • Guidance on building your medical school application with high-yield experiences
  • Ensuring you have met all academic medical school prerequisites before applying
  • Helping you consider all possible options to increase your odds of acceptance
  • Assisting you with becoming a competitive medical school applicant
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All prices are listed in CAD dollars. This package includes a combined total of 120 minutes of service. Please be advised that not all minutes need to be used at once. Minutes are measured by the amount of time it takes for us to meet your personalized needs. This could include doing in-depth research on your behalf, compiling helpful resources, and creating customized academic plans. You will be updated with the number of minutes you have remaining at each point of contact.