Canadian Citizen: Academic Advising


Canadian Citizen: Academic Advising

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This package can include the following: 

  • An in-depth analysis of your current academic record and synthesis of a plan moving forward to maximize your odds of being accepted into the undergraduate program of your choice
  • Guidance on optimizing your grades early on to secure an entry scholarship into any university
  • eTutoring services: Providing easy to understand answers to any academic-related questions to help you target weak subject areas
  • Helping you form a strong academic foundation for a smooth transition into college by advising you on essential study skills and habits

Have other academic-related needs that are not listed above? No problem! Contact us today about your personalized needs and we will do our best to assist you.

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This package includes a combined total of 120 minutes of service. Please be advised that not all minutes need be used at once. Minutes are measured by the amount of time it takes for us to meet your personalized needs. This could include doing in-depth research on your behalf, compiling helpful resources, and creating customized academic plans. You will be updated with the number of minutes you have remaining at each point of contact.