It's time to submit an outstanding medical school application.

Our goal is to ensure that you showcase the best version of yourself on your medical school application(s).

Learn about what admissions committees are looking for from experts who have actually served on the committee.


primary application guidance

Congratulations on all of your consistent, hard work over the last several years. Now, it's time to showcase your accomplishments, experiences and skills to admissions committees in the best way possible. 

If you're applying in Canada we will assist you with writing an effective autobiographical sketch (ABS) & answering medical school-specific essay questions.

If you're applying in the U.S, we will assist you with completing your primary AMCAS/AACOMAS application & provide guidance on writing a unique personal statement. 

Looking for assistance with your personal statement? We've got you covered.

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secondary application guidance

If you're applying to select Canadian schools or any U.S. medical school, secondary applications play a major role in securing an interview.

Supplementary applications can be challenging as questions are often school-specific and require detailed effort. 

We will assist you with compiling effective secondary essays that are unique and specific to the medical schools you are applying to. 


interview preparation

Congratulations on making it this far because you are part of a minor subset of medical school applicants that have secured an interview slot.

We will provide you with credible tips & strategies to ensure that you are prepared to answer any question on interview day. We can provide you with guidance on individual, group and multiple-mini (MMI) interview styles.

Learn about what admissions committees are looking for from those with first-hand experience.