Canadian Citizen: JUNIOR


Canadian Citizen: JUNIOR


What we offer:

  • Ensuring that you are on the right track to meeting medical school prerequisites before applying 
  • Teaching you essential study techniques to maximize your GPA
  • Helping you identify and secure research opportunities
  • Providing tips on earning strong letters of recommendation to strengthen your application
  • Guidance on capitalizing your leadership experiences within your community to best showcase your personal skills to admission's committee's
  • Guidance on building clinical and shadowing experience
  • Advising you on what admission's committee's are looking for in competitive applicants
  • Helping you synthesize a month-to-month plan to guarantee a smooth transition into the medical school application process

Please note that our services are not limited to those listed above. We will work together to ensure that your unique needs are met.

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This package includes a combined total of 120 minutes of service. Please be advised that not all minutes need to be used at once. Minutes are measured by the amount of time it takes for us to meet your personalized needs. This could include doing in-depth research on your behalf, compiling helpful resources, and creating customized academic plans. You will be updated with the number of minutes you have remaining at each point of contact.