Why use an academic consultation service as a pre-medical student?

There is an extensive list of steps each pre-medical student must complete in order to be successful in the medical school admissions process. Together, a lack of adequate knowledge and the overwhelming volume of work needed causes many prospective applicants to unsuccessfully complete each and every requirement. The end result is a delayed application or a rejected one. Having a proven consultation service to guide the process can drastically increase your odds of success.

Why choose PreMed Advisor?

At PreMed Advisor we help you succeed by utilizing assistance from those who have recently completed the process. We have also teamed up with current medical students to gain direct input from individuals who have served on admissions committees. We prioritize your success and will provide you with customized assistance for your specific needs.

I’m in high school, is this consultation service right for me?

Absolutely. Determining your undergraduate school and major are both critical steps in your premedical journey. Additionally, we will help you secure high-yield volunteer opportunities, extracurricular activities, scholarships and so much more. 

I’m starting out in undergrad, how can I benefit from this service?

The most crucial time to get on the right path is early in your undergraduate program. This is the beginning of your 3-4 year plan and as such, it is vital to have direct assistance with taking the correct action steps towards your acceptance to medical school. 

Most of my bachelor’s degree is finished, how can PreMed Advisor help me? 

By the end of your undergraduate degree, many of your academic requirements should be fulfilled. Now is the time to identify the missing gaps and fill them in as quickly as possible for the upcoming admissions cycle. We will work with you on a personalized plan that will get you to your school of choice.

Can non-traditional students benefit from this service?

Absolutely! For more information on the unique challenges faced by non-traditional students and how we can be of assistance, please visit our Non-Traditional Applicant page.

Is PreMed Advisor limited to Canadian Medical schools?

We specialize in both Canadian MD and U.S. MD/DO medical school applications.

Does this service guarantee admissions?

Depending on the applicant’s credentials and goals, we are able to assure high odds of success within North America.