Article written by first year medical student and aspiring surgeon, Hira. 

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With social media giving us the opportunity to connect with people all over the world, it is safe to say these connections can help us uplift each other especially as future doctors. These are my top ten favorite accounts that inspire me daily and help me get through med school. Hopefully they’ll motivate you too!


1. @freudandfashion

Dr. Vania’s account focuses on breaking the barrier in mental health, burn-out and provides some great reads and advice. She emphasizes the importance of self care especially in such a grueling field.



2. @doctor.bradley

Dr. Bradley shows that even in a surgical speciality there is always time to find a balanced healthy lifestyle.



3. @drsharimarchbein

Dr. Shari provides motivation and insight in everyday life. Her positive attitude never fails to brighten a dark day.



4. @dr.nedadoost

Dr. Neda is a foot and ankle surgeon who loves to travel and shows we can learn and gain so much inspiration from the world around us.



5. @shanny_do

Dr. Shannon is a resident physician who shares some great information for future physicians especially those on the D.O route.



6. @overcomingtheodds

Dr. Antonio has an inspiring story as a Vet and is the author of “Overcoming the Odds”. He also has a youtube channel that shares his experiences as a resident physician and insight into how to be successful in medicine.



7. @elyselovemd

Dr. Elyse is a dermatology resident who shares her experience as a busy on the go doctor in NYC. She also gives some great skin care tips!




8. @plantsandbalance

Trish is a second year medical student and shares her passion for naturopathic medicine along with some awesome wholistic tips to stay healthy.



9. @ahealersheart

Anum is a third year medical student who shares her experiences in the field of medicine. Her posts are continuously inspiring and often touch on the importance of mental health in medicine.



10. @gains_anatomy

Emile and Torey are both third year medical students who share their passion for health, fitness, and medicine. They share their clerkship experiences and advice on their blog.

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Thank you Hira for writing this fun and inspiring article!