A Tribute to Mental Health Awareness Month


My name is Crystal Lemus and I am currently an Honors Neuroscience PreMed student in Nashville, TN. My passions consist of mental health advocating, teaching health care courses to refugees incoming to the middle TN area, and serving as a mentor, scholar, and leader. I hope to encourage and inspire many through my writings on a wide area of topics- health, fitness, science, medicine, leadership, and virtuous articles.

Online assignments due every day. Papers due every other week. Class readings due daily. Group projects due by the end of the semester. Speeches due every month. Presentations due spontaneously throughout the academic year. And all of this is just within the classroom setting. Changes in the personal lives of many open up an infinite new number of doors of things to throw on the “to do” list of simply existing – the thorns of life.

As a Neuroscience students, psychology enthusiast, and mental health advocate, there is no doubt that I prioritize mental health- especially now (in May) during Mental Health Awareness month.

As a college student, especially being a pre-med student, I see the behaviors, and change there of, of students who worry about checking the next thing off the list. Taking part in such a cut throat and competitive field of study leads many to ultimately lose themselves in the paperwork and abandon their awareness of a sane mental state. If you are a college student and at any time felt overwhelmed, you have a right to. Actually, if you were not at any point at least a little concerned, I would be worried for you. We are facing some of the biggest life changes, leaving people behind, and tackling some of the most challenging tasks yet --- a healthy acknowledgement of all of the aforementioned statements simply means that you have your brain is indeed wired correctly and your head is screwed on straight. Whether your life goal is to be a physician, researcher, professor, or entrepreneur, it is essential to never lose sight of the fact that we are mere human beings. We are by no means invisible,

We feel stress.

We feel pressure.

We feel the need to have a plan.

We feel homesick.

We feel anxiety.

We feel all the sleep deprivation.

We feel the need to be perfect in our field of study.

When you take a rose in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.
— Georgia O'Keefee

Roses have always lured us with their natural beauty and simple nature- even though they are covered with sharp and unwanted thorns. The vivid petals and sweet aroma purify our surroundings and uplift our lives in times of anxiety and fatigue. We always feel empowered by their energy and have forever remained awe-inspired by their beautiful, colorful hues. The curves of the petals and the perfect lines harmoniously encourage us to cultivate beauty in our life and environment.

Why the sudden astray to roses? Though fragile and delicate, roses always manage to find a precious place in our hearts—their beauty and fragility is every present--- a mirrored reflection of our mental health.

Despite challenges, roses still bloom.

I cannot stress this enough! No matter how hard classes may seem. No matter how lost you may feel. No matter how much you compare yourself to other colleagues, your time to bloom will come. Roses have been found to bloom through little cracks in the rocks on high mountains and even through slight clefts in several buildings.   

Roses embrace the Sun.

Do not think of it as taking the heat, but rather as embracing the sun—the light that constitutes illuminated virtues. Challenges come your way as a sign of life moving forward. A positive mindset is most essential in order to flow with it harmoniously.

Roses have thorns… but thorns have roses.

You are strong and can face anything that comes your way. Your life situation and challenges are not bigger than your life and mental state. You may have problems but problems do not have you.

We are strong.

We can face obstacles.

We can do hard things.

We can adapt to change.

We can encourage others.

We can dwell in the company of others.

We can keep each other safe.

We can respect life for what it simply is- a composition of roses.

I encourage everyone to carry on, no matter what the life endeavor may consist of, with a more positive mindset and a full awareness of their mental health.

Life is a rose of which love is the self-awareness.

Thank you Crystal for sharing this beautiful piece on the PreMed Advisor blog. Keep up the amazing work!

Source: https://courtesyofcrystal.wordpress.com/