What Every PreMed Should Know Before Applying to Medical School

Khashayar Farzam is a Canadian 2nd year medical school in the United States who holds a BSc from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). He’s the Co-founder of the anti-aging skincare company, Prosmetica and is also a long time international level power lifter who has been on team Canada. 

It was the middle of my sophomore year when I was going to office hours to build relationships with professors. My ultimate intention was acquiring letters of reference later that year for the upcoming medical school application cycle. A long list of things remained that had to be done and it was then when I realized the value of insight and mentorship.


As an aspiring medical student, I had long dreamed of the day where I would be standing on stage receiving my white coat at the white coat ceremony. However, I also knew that to reach that point, there would be many obstacles I would have to overcome. As an upcoming applicant I had spent endless hours researching the application process. My research involved studying the medical school system as a whole, and then looking at individual schools and their requirements.

Superficially it doesn’t seem like a daunting task. However, even just on paper the amount of work it took to gather the necessary information was extremely grueling. Step by step I had to make a list of schools I was eligible for, followed by determining their specific requirements. Next, I had to figure out a plan to fulfill the requirements and pre-requisites. This meant looking for eligible courses and then finding credible online universities to enroll in. Amidst all this, I also had to seek out physician shadowing experiences and gather various other extracurricular activities to strengthen my application. All the while, I was still a full-time undergraduate student and was starting to lose focus due to the long list of tasks I had fulfill before the application cycle ensued. At times, I couldn’t help but feel hopeless and overwhelmed – the sheer volume of requirements I had to meet was enough to make me second guess my career path.

However, eventually the time came for applications. This meant I had to write a unique personal statement and subsequently submit nearly a dozen school-specific secondary application essays. My timing of application submission also had to be perfect (and this varied for different schools). Throughout the year I would consult with various medical students who provided valuable insight as to what I needed to do at each step of the way. Their insight became critical during the time of actual application submission due to the rolling admissions system in the United States.

In retrospect I ask myself “wouldn’t it have been nice if someone mapped out a step-by-step plan for me?” From start to finish a knowledgeable source can create a plan of attack for any pre-medical student. That is why I can strongly recommend PreMed Advisor – it’s a valuable source that can take a student’s hand and walk them through their path to success. The value of a pre-med mentor is truly priceless.

Thank You Khashayar Farzam for your valuable insight into the medical school application process. We wish you success in your future endeavors!